What Weight Plates Should I Buy

What Weight Plates Should I Buy

The type of weight plates that a person buys depends on individual training needs.  For instance, a person buying weight plates for gym has to buy more weight plates than a person buying weight plates for home workouts does.   Prices of weight plates vary depending on quality and weight. Those made from high quality and long-lasting material are expensive than those made from low-quality materials. Similarly, weight plates size also matters because big ones cost more than small weight lifting plates. 

You can buy weight plates online or from physical stores that sell sporting products. What matters is not where you buy the plates but ensuring you have plates that match your training needs. The most common types of weight plates include rubber-coated plates, iron plates, and urethane coated plates. All weight plates are equally effective but those made from iron are durable and expensive than rubber coated plates. Traditional weight plates come in three common shapes, bevel handles, and outer edge shape. However, the shape of the plate does not have any impact on the weight plate sizes. The following are key factors to consider when buying weight plates.

·      Quality of the plates 

It is prudent to pay more for weight plates for gym made from high-quality material than buy cheap plates that are not durable. For instance, iron plates are expensive but they last longer than plastic-coated weight plates. For people who prefer to buy weight plates online, the best way to ascertain the quality of the weight plates that you want to buy is by checking reviews from other buyers. This is essential because some online stores sell low-quality weight plates for the gym cheaply. However, trainers find themselves in stores to buy replacement plates because low-quality plates cannot last for more than a year in a busy gym club.  

·      The size of weight plates

Different trainers have varying goals and require different weight plates sizes. For instance, a beginner trainer or a person looking for equipment for home workouts should go for lightweight plates. Visit >>https://strengthandfitness.ie/collections/weight-plates and enjoy FREE shipping. On the other hand, experienced trainers and bodybuilders should go for heavyweight plates. Gym owners should buy a combination of weight plates so that their clients choose what they want to use.  

·      Training needs

Different weight plates are suitable for a certain type of workout. For instance, Olympic discs are suitable for professional trainers. They enable them to familiarize themselves with types of equipment used in popular international sports such as the Olympic Games. The second commonly used weight plates for the gym are the standard discs. Almost all gyms and health clubs used them because they are affordable than Olympic discs. These weight plates for the gym is designed for specific types of workouts and are specific to group exercise. The plates are small, brightly colored and easy to store at home and in your studio. They also have a small center hole than standard discs and Olympic discs.  

Ideally, it is important to buy weight plates that match your workout needs, especially buying equipment for home training. However, gym and health club owners can buy different types of weight plates because they serve clients with varying needs.

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