Things your Must Know about Vape Coil Wire

Things your Must Know about Vape Coil Wire

Vape wire, as the name suggests, is used for wattage vaping. Sometimes, it is also used in order to control the temperature. Single strand wire is most commonly used for vaping. Before vaping, you must also be aware of the different kinds of coils that can be used. The general characteristic of all wires also apply to vape coil wire, available to buy at Vaper Choice, but there are some qualities that make them stand apart from other wires. These qualities are based on its diameter, gauge and the ramp time. It, however, goes without saying that the longer the vape coil wire is, the more its resistance power would be.

What is the Wire Made of?

There is a variety of materials with which these wires can be made, for example, Kanthal, Nichrome, Stainless Steel, Titanium and so on. All these have different pros and cons as well. Whereas Kanthal wire facilitates wattage variation, flexible availability and less expensiveness, Nichrome offers a faster ramp time than the Kanthal wire. Both of these are good for holding shape. Because the Nichrome wire has Nickel content, its melting point is relatively low. The stainless steel wire can be used in both temperature control (TC) and VW mode. It is also easily available and has less amount of Nickel. The ramp time of stainless steel is faster than Kanthal as well. The wattage and ramp time of the wire depends on the material of it.

Clapton Coil

When vaping was a comparatively new thing, the vape wire was mostly built with single strands of metal, but now they use two or more coils to build the vape wire. Wire with two or more strands is generally called Clapton Coil. In a Clapton coil, a thin vape coil wire is wrapped around a thick wire at the centre. It is said that the Clapton coil has a slower ramp up time compared to the single strand wire. Its resistance power is quite impressive; it extends from sub ohm to more than one ohm. The Clapton Coil works effectively in power mode and is very useful for temperature control. The Clapton Coil is however difficult to make at home, therefore, you may opt for pre-built coils if you want this.

Pre-Built Coils

The pre-built coils are mostly used these days because it decreases the work. Pre-built coils facilitate the building of a deck without making an effort to make the coils. Pre-built coils are user-friendly, but when you are buying one of these, make sure that the resistance power of these coils is high. If the resistance is too low, it might result in a short circuit.

If you want to build a vape coil wire by yourself, make sure that you know very well about the type of wire, the diameter, ramp time, number of wraps and so on. The mechanic of wiring controls the wattage, current and the function of the vape wire. Therefore, you must be aware of these things before making a vape wire for yourself.

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