The importance of charity

The importance of charity

The importance of charity in our society is a topic that has been repeatedly debated, debated on and argued about. One of the areas of contention that often results in a heated debate is that of the value of charitable giving. In today’s society, there are far too many people who have no compassion for others.

For those that have no compassion for others, there are far too many people who are not willing to fight and die for what they believe in. This mentality should not be allowed to rule over us. And we can put an end to it today, if we will take the time to get educated on the topic of the importance of charity in our society. We need to learn to love our enemies. We need to know how to despise our enemies and not find any fault with them for doing what they believe is right. If we do this, then we will not find any fault with them for their acts.

Another vital piece of information that you must also know is that, yes, the government does help people. They provide health care and disability assistance. The same government that offers aid to your enemy is offering aid to your friend as well. No matter how much one of your enemies abuses the system, the American taxpayer is putting their money where it belongs – into your enemy’s pocket. There are billions upon billions of dollars pouring out of the government every year. It may sound outrageous to you to think that someone in the government is actually helping the people they are supposed to be helping. Yet this is true. You might be wondering why I keep bringing up the subject of charitable giving. It is because it is a good idea to understand the importance of charity in our society and the fact that the government is taking billions of dollars from its citizens.

The best way to fight this abuse is to educate yourself on the subject of charity and to make sure that you do not put charity to work for your enemy. This means that you must stop doing things like using charitable donations to help the poor in other countries. There are billions of people that suffer without a care in the third world. There are millions of children that are born into a home without the benefits of the welfare state. If you take the time to understand this, you will be able to see what your dollars are doing for these people. Your donation will be helping the wrong people and you are just giving the money to the very people who don’t need it. You are making the people who will use the money and do not deserve it pay for your mistakes.

Now the government does provide help for those who are in need. But it is an evil that the government is providing to the wrong people. By taking the time to study the topic of charity, you will begin to see how your friends treat you. How much do you give to charity? It is the difference between giving when you are truly in need and giving to the government when you know it is not needed. At a certain amount of time, you must change the way you live. When you keep giving to friends who are criminals and cheats, you are telling them that you think you can get away with it. Charity is the only thing that is truly good, and when you show kindness to others, it will ultimately benefit you.

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