Keep an Eye Out for Components and Importance of Environment in Cancun

Keep an Eye Out for Components and Importance of Environment in Cancun

When I was first told that I would be receiving Spanish lessons as part of a vacation, I thought that it was going to be just a short trip. Little did I know that my time in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico would actually stretch out to over two weeks. I was pleasantly surprised by how much the environment in Mexico helped me learn more than the typical classes. There are some things you need to know about your instructor before you ever step foot into their room.

The first thing I learned about my instructor, while on the trip, was that if you are traveling with another person, that they should each have their own CVs. It is very easy to get caught up in the excitement of a new place, and forget that another person needs a C.V. When traveling together with another person, it is especially important to keep each person’s CV separate, to prevent any confusion in the event of separation.

Another thing that I really enjoyed learning during my trip was about the importance of cleanliness. In the barbecue area, as well as throughout the entire city, there are constant reminders that hygiene is very important. In addition, during my visit, I met people who were eager to show me how to keep my food and hands clean at all times. The proper hygiene is important in any environment, and this was a perfect opportunity to learn what the correct hygiene entails.

While on my trip, I also became aware of the different types of foods that are served in Mexican restaurants. My guide would often ask if we wanted to try something different, or try something different on the menu. The important thing to remember is that no matter what you order, you will not be paying for an unhealthy meal. I was surprised by the healthy options that exist, and the fact that many of these restaurants are family owned and operated.

During my trip, I learned that while Americans are extremely competitive when it comes to food, we do tend to eat too much fast food. It became apparent to me as I sat at the table that a large portion of my table consisted of a variety of processed, prepackaged, and fast food items. It became clear to me that these people had not taken the time to stop and smell the food or understand the components of these products. If you ever plan on taking a trip to Mexico, it would be wise to take along a food journal to record the ingredients and nutritional information of everything that you purchase while in that country. That way, when you return home, you can properly judge the true level of nutrition that you have consumed.

Throughout my time in the city, I did see instances where things were disheveled and strewn across the sidewalks and streets. It seemed as though every time I went out, something bad happened. However, on one trip, I noticed a local business that had an outdoor patio. I observed a number of people eating outside on this patio while I ate a meal. Apparently, they were not allowed to sit on the grassy area, but instead, they sat on the cement in the shade.

Another time while in Cancun, I experienced an eco-friendly restaurant. In this particular eatery, their environmentally friendly menus enticed me to choose to order a salad with organic eggs. The taste of the salad was wonderful and the texture of the eggs was soft and delicate. It was an amazing experience to both learn about the importance of the environment, and to witness the way that an establishment such as this cares for the environment.

Hopefully, in my next trip I will be able to observe more of these types of establishments. As I had noted before, Cancun is a big city and there is certainly something for everyone here. Keep your eyes open. You may be surprised. And if you don’t believe me, try a few out for yourself.

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