Search Warrant Leads to Arrest of Trio on Drug Charges

The Hernando County Sheriff’s Office Vice and Narcotics Unit Claymore Stexecuted a search warrant Thursday morning at 11227 Claymore St., in Spring Hill. The search warrant was the result of possible on going narcotic activity occurring at the residence. Upon searching the residence, detectives located numerous items of drug paraphernalia, to include a digital scale, plastic baggies, smoking pipes with drug residue, along with numerous syringes. Detectives also located a misdemeanor amount of marijuana, two baggies that contained methamphetamine, and four types of pills. The pills included oxycodone, methadone and trazodone.

Jason Ulch, W/M 6/13/84, was arrested on charges of Possession of Paraphernalia and a warrant for Habitual Driving While License Suspended or Revoked, a felony.

Jayde Pike, W/F 10/24/92, was arrested on charges of Possession of Methamphetamine and Possession of Paraphernalia.

Valerie Pearson, W/F, 8/9/93, was arrested on charges of Possession of Methamphetamine, Possession of Marijuana, Possession of Paraphernalia, and two counts of Possession of a Controlled Substance (oxycodone and methadone).

Investigators were able to make contact with several neighbors, and they all expressed their gratitude towards the Sheriff’s Office for taking action at the residence.

Landlord Arrested After Threatening to Kill Tenant

owenAn irate landlord was arrested after threatening to kill his tenant and her son. According to an arrest affidavit, Charles Marshall Owen lives in the residence adjacent to his rental property in Brooksville. His tenant was standing in the front yard of her home talking to her adult son and his friend yesterday when Owen approached them wielding a four foot long piece of 2×4 lumber. Owen allegedly threw the woman to the ground and verbally threatened her son and his friend. As the two men attempted to leave at the request of the woman, Owen threw a concrete block at the vehicle and damaged it. Owen then headed toward his residence, threatening to get his gun and return. Fearing for their safety, the woman locked herself in her home and her son and his friend fled. Owen reportedly stood outside of the woman’s house for approximately 30 minutes, screaming threats to “bury her” and “burn the mother f—er (home) down” while beating on the rear of the trailer with the 2×4. A neighbor corroborated the story. Owen admitted to pushing the victim down so that he could go after her son “who was not allowed at the residence” due to an injunction. He also admitted that he engaged in a physical altercation with her son, threw a brick at the vehicle, and threatened to burn the house down if the victim did not move out immediately.

Spring Hill Man Charged with Lewd/Lascivious While Girl Was Walking to School


A 27 year old Spring Hill man was charged with committing a lewd or lascivious act on a child yesterday after he solicited her while she was walking to school. Corey Randy Jean Irizarry allegedly approached a 12 year old girl on her way to school and offered to pay her to pull down her skirt. The girl advised that she had observed a green colored vehicle parked alongside the road while she walking. As she approached the vehicle, the man stuck his head out the opened driver’s side window and said “I’ll give you $20 if you pull down your skirt.” A neighborhood canvass was conducted and a vehicle similar to the description provided by the victim was found parked in the driveway of a house nearby on Mentmore Avenue. The victim and a witness positively identified the vehicle. Irizarry admitted to having contact with the victim while he was inside his vehicle, but said he had only asked the victim if he could take pictures of her feet because he has a sexual foot fetish and did not offer a cash payment. He was arrested and held on a $5,000 bond.

Man Charged After Punching Wheelchair Bound Victim with Cerebral Palsy

fonseca21 year old Ryan Joseph Fonseca was charged with abuse of a disabled person after he allegedly punched a wheelchair bound man with Cerebral Palsy in the face several times on March 23, 2015. Hernando County Sheriff’s deputies resounded to a house on Naimisha Loop in Spring Hill yesterday afternoon where the victim advised that Fonseca had shown up at his apartment intoxicated with a cup in hand. When Fonseca spilled some beer on the carpet the victim told Fonseca to move to another room in the apartment in case he spilled more. Fonseca became extremely upset about being asked to move and punched the victim in the face and began to choke him. Fonseca left the apartment. When deputies located him at a nearby apartment, he smelled like alcohol, was unsteady on his feet, and slurred his words according to the arrest affadavit. Fonseca admitted to punching and choking the victim, advising that he has severe anger problems that get worse when he drinks. He was given a $10,000 bond.

Two Fugitives Found in Hernando County Yesterday



Hernando County Sheriff’s detectives, working with the U.S. Marshalls, located Edward Fitzgerald Denham at a house on Mariner Boulevard in Spring Hill yesterday. Denham is wanted out of the state of Massachusetts for one count of assault with a dangerous weapon and one count of assault and battery. Denham was arrested and transported to the Hernando County Jail without incident. He is being held on a no bond status and will be extradited to Massachusetts.

A second fugitive, Francisco Bacoto Isaac, who is wanted out of Glenn Woods Springs, Colorado for contempt of court turned himself in to the Probation and Parole office on Cortez Boulevard yesterday. He was also arrested and transported to the Hernando Count Jail without incident.