Arrest Turns Into Grappling Match – Deputy Injured but Victorious

oliverOn April 12th twenty-nine year old Russell Oliver got into an argument with his mother about using a vehicle and grabbed her by the throat at their home on Bedford Street. While Deputy Julio Tagliani was sitting in front of the residence he saw Oliver turn right onto Bedford Road from Bentley Avenue towards his residence but when Oliver saw the patrol car he then turned left on Belmar Avenue. Deputy Tagliani pulled behind Oliver and attempted to stop the vehicle but Oliver continued on making serval turns before stopping. Deputy Tagliani made contact with Oliver and requested that he step out of the vehicle. Oliver complied but asked the deputy “Are you sure you want to do this?” then clenched his body and began to fight with Deputy Tagliani. The two fell to the ground and wrestled, with Oliver placing his legs around Tagliani’s torso and Tagliani utilizing palm/heel strikes and grappling techniques to gain control of Oliver and take him into custody. Oliver then attempted to get away as the Deputy escorted him to the patrol car and was taken to the ground to get him to comply. Oliver sustained a minor injury to his lip and Tagliani sustained a minor injury to the elbow as a result of the altercation. Oliver claimed that he fought with the Deputy because he had a bad experience the last time he was detained in Hernando County. He admitted to getting into an altercation with his mother but did not specifically admit to grabbing the victim by the throat. Russell Oliver was charged with domestic battery, battery on a law enforcement officer, resisting arrest with violence, and fleeing & eluding.

Aggravated Assault With a Potato Peeler & Meat Cleaver

CottoSixty year old Maria Flor Cotto was arrested for aggravated assault on her brother late last night. Cotto and her brother became engaged in an altercation at their home on Landover Boulevard and during the altercation she threw a potato peeler with a sharp steel blade at him. She also grabbed a butcher’s cleaver, with an 8″ steel blade, and cut the victim’s coffee mug in half, cut a serving table (which was next to the victim), and threatened to cut the victim. Her brother had to hold an ottoman over his head to defend himself. Cotto was later located at a house on Midway Street in Spring Hill and admitted to losing her temper and committing the offense. She is being held without bond.

13 Year Old Exposes Himself in McDonald’s

handcuffsA thirteen year old boy was arrested on April 11, 2014 after exposing himself and masturbating while in a booth of the McDonald’s located at 4166 Mariner Boulevard. Three witnesses provided sworn written statements. One of the individuals that he masturbated in front of was a four and a half year old special needs child. The boy admitted to exposing his penis and moving his hand in a masturbatory motion, but stated that he was merely scratching an itch. During a consensual search of an iPod found on the boy, deputies located several pornographic websites on the internet’s browser history. He was charged with lewd and lascivious exhibition and the Department of Juvenile Justice was contacted. He was released to his parents. Hernando Daily News has withheld the boy’s name due to his age.