Confederate Flag Burning and Protest Stopped By Supporters

This morning activists and community members converge for a 20150627_105943demonstration against the rampant white racist violence in the United States and to call for the white community to stand in solidarity with the black community in the wake of the Charleston massacre.

​The protest was held at the Hernando County Courthouse in Brooksville.

The Uhuru Solidarity Movement, ANSWER Suncoast, Florida Peace Action Network, the Party for Socialism and Liberation and other community organizers co-sponsored the demonstration.​

This was one of hundreds of demonstrations occurring today throughout the U.​​S. where protestors planned to burn the ​​Confederate flag.

The Brooksville demonstration was organized by mostly white activists as a statement against the long history of white complicity in anti-black terror going back to the early 1900s when Brooksville was the lynching capitol of Florida.

“Both the Confederate and the U.S. flags represent slavery, genocide and bloodshed. This country was built on the oppression of African people. White violence is as old as America itself. It is time white people to stand up and take responsibility for this history. Reparations for stolen black lives!” said one of the organizers, Jesse Nevel of the Uhuru Solidarity Movement, an organization of white people under the leadership of the African People’s Socialist Party that works in the white community for reparations to African people.

“The Confederate Flag is said by some Whites to represent the ​’​Rebel​’​ nature of the South, but to the African American community, this flag represents the horrors of slavery, systemic racism and legalized murder” said Hernando County organizer Bettejo Indelicato.  Contingents from all over Florida traveled to Brooksville for the demonstration but were meet by a very large crowd.

Over 100 people stood on the steps of the Hernando County Court House this morning waiting for activists and community members to converge with plans to burn the Confederate Flag. Shortly after 11 am the activists arrived with 15 people but were stopped by hundreds of U.S. Supporters and defenders of the Confederate flag.

Before the activist came walking up, supporters encouraged everyone in attendance to refrain from violence saying they will try to make you do something stupid to prove a point.

One U.S supporter said “We will come around them with love, say 20150627_113303the pledge of allegiance and if they strake one match, if they put one flame to either flag, they will be let known that it is time to leave our happy little town”. The supporters began singing patriot songs as the protesters arrived. It didn’t take long for the crowd to start chanting “Go Home”.

The large number of U.S. supporters kept the Uhuru Solidarity Movement flag burners moving which kept them from burning any flags on the court house steps.

The protesters eventually were pushed back to their vehicles where they were forced to leave.

Officers were on scene during the event in case things went south. Both groups kept the peace by using freedom of speech instead of violence.

Brush Fire – Freeport Drive

Fire Rescue responded to reports of a brush fire in the area 5025 20150627_173637Freeport Drive. Crews arrived on scene and were able to contain the fire quickly. The cause of the fire is unknown at this time. No injurers were reported. A neighbor sent in this photo of crews arriving on scene.

If you see a major accident…snap a pic! Something happening in your neighborhood? Let us know! Private message us the info/photo(s) on Facebook or email and if we share the information you provided you will be entered to win a $10 gift card to fuel yourself or your car!

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Woman Arrested for Animal Cruelty

On Sunday Deputy Chad Morrison (Livestock Officer) responded to



11372 Salina Street in Brooksville at the request of Animal Enforcement Officer Mandy Rowe. Rowe was already on scene investigating a possible case of animal cruelty.

Rowe advised Morrison that she had received an anonymous complaint regarding a horse on this property that had blood oozing from its rectum. Rowe had conducted her investigation prior to Morrison’s arrival and had already directed the owner of the horse, Christy Finley, to call a veterinarian and have him or her respond immediately to assess the horse, identified as Cherokee.

Chandelle Veterinary Services in Brooksville was called by the owner of the horse, and Dr. Gina Zambrano, DVM, was dispatched to the scene.

When Deputy Morrison arrived at the location where the horse was 1534850_866768310024948_332580807574554118_obeing kept, he observed an overgrown pasture. There, he observed a bay and white paint mare tied to a lead rope. The mare’s ribs were showing and all four hooves were overgrown by at least one inch. One hoof was split and appeared to be untreated.

Deputy Morrison observed that both blood and urine were staining the hair of the mare’s hind legs. There was a small infected area, approximately two inches wide to the left of her tail head and a larger area, approximately five inches in diameter and over one inch deep, to the right of her tail head. The larger infected area was impacted with fecal matter and was bleeding. The area was covered with both flies and maggots.

When Dr. Zambrano arrived, she removed the impacted fecal matter, exposing the depth of the infected area. Deputy Morrison was able to view Cherokee’s intestinal tract from the ulcerated area. This portion of Cherokee’s body was filled with fecal matter and maggots. The mare’s sphincter muscle was no longer intact, causing her to be unable to defecate normally.

There were several other infected bumps which appeared to be Sarcoid tumors on Cherokee’s anal and vaginal areas. The tumors on her vaginal area also caused her to be unable to urinate properly.

Dr. Zambrano advised these medical issues had been present for at least six weeks and, if Finley had contacted a veterinarian in the early stages, Cherokee would have recovered.

Dr. Zambrano concluded the examination and advised that Cherokee’s condition was grave. Cherokee’s body condition was scored at three out of nine. Dr. Zambrano advised that Cherokee’s quality of life was poor and recommended euthanasia. Finley agreed. Dr. Zambrano also advised that besides her hoofs not being cared for, Cherokee’s teeth had sharp points and rostral hooks, which would make chewing food both difficult and painful.

Christy Finley advised Deputy Morrison that she purchased Cherokee approximately two and one half years ago and that she had not seen a veterinarian at all during that time. Finley also advised that it had been over one and one half years since a farrier had trimmed Cherokee’s hoofs.

Finley also advised that Cherokee had the Sarcoid tumors when she got her and that they would come and go without treatment.

Finley could not provide a reason why she did not consult a veterinarian when she noticed that the home remedies that she was trying to treat the open wounds, were not working and the wounds were getting rapidly worse.

Finley was issued a Code Violation on scene for Mistreatment of Animals, which holds a $500 fine. This was issued due to Cherokee’s teeth having sharp points and rostral hooks and her hoofs not being cared for and trimmed.

Once Dr. Zambrano’s report was complete, Deputy Morrison obtained a Felony warrant for Finley. On Thursday, Christy B. Finley was arrested, charged with animal cruelty. She was being held on a $2000 bond.

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Man caught driving with 14 license suspensions

Officers with the Brooksville Police Department conducted a traffic ShowThumb (3)stop on vehicle near 650 South Broad Street after the vehicle was seen driving with no headlights on. Officers made contact with the driver, Richard Zinsmeister, who told officers he did not have a driver’s license. A records check showed a total of 14 suspensions, including a “Habitual Traffic Offender”. Zinsmeister was placed under arrest and transported to the Hernando County Jail where he was being held on a $2000 bond.

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Spring Hill Teen Fighting Cancer One Step At A Time

Kari Wagner is a caring, hard-working, determined 19-year-old, 5063431_1435206233.3609Spring Hill resident who has been diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML). Until recently, she lived a normal life as a full-time college student, while working at PetSmart. Her life took an unexpected turn when she received the diagnosis. She is now at All Children’s Hospital in St. Petersburg, Florida, surrounded by family and friends as she begins her lengthy battle against cancer. .

During the next few months, she will be going through a very aggressive regiment of chemotherapy. Due to the required, extended stay at All Children’s Hospital, the family’s bills are already mounting. Any form of assistance will help immensely, and it is greatly appreciated. All donations that are made will go directly to the family. A Go Fund Me account has been set up at

Any assistance will help during this difficult time! Please give what you can afford and keep the prayers coming for a smooth recovery. This is going to be a long road and they will need a lot of help along the way. Let’s support this family so their focus can be on Kari, not the bills.


You can also drop of donations to Loosendz Uniforms at 2911 Commercial Way right behind the Pizza Hut. Texas Roadhouse Brooksville will be holding a fundraiser soon.

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