Quick action saves 11 threatened gopher tortoises

A citizens tip helped FWC officers catch a man who had killed 15 gopher 10603743_10152628791798349_9008317905091079539_ntortoises for their meat and planned to kill another 11 and eat them. Someone called FWC to say that several gopher tortoise shells had been dumped in a wooded area in Citrus County. When Officer Thomas Reid checked it out, he found the shells along with tire tread marks coming from a nearby pasture. He set up a trail camera in the wooded area and went back to it the next day to see what had turned up. This time, he found a container that had been placed in the woods with 11 live gopher tortoises inside. He hid himself and waited, figuring the subject would return that afternoon. Sure enough, a man came and began to move the tortoises to the back of his truck. Officer Reid identified himself and read the man his Miranda rights. The man told Reid that he had killed 15 gopher tortoises and dumped the shells in the woods and that he had caught the 11 that were in the container and was planning on eating them. FWC staff set them free and is now working with the State Attorney’s Office to file appropriate charges against man for killing a threatened species.

Please keep alerting FWC with your tips! Call the Wildlife Alert Hotline at 888-404-FWCC (3922) or text tip@myfwc.com.

New Career Opportunity with Hernando County Sheriff’s Office

http://www.dreamstime.com/-image24549521The Hernando County Sheriff’s Office has announced a new career opportunity being made available to residents interested in a career as a Hernando County Deputy. Public Service Technicians will support the Patrol Division by responding to specific non-emergency law enforcement-related calls for service, permitting patrol deputies to remain available to respond to higher priority/emergency calls for service. PSTs will provide additional assistance on emergency calls as directed, so patrol deputies can focus on law enforcement-related duties. This position will allow individuals to learn various law enforcement skills by responding to a variety of non-emergency law enforcement calls for service (i.e., abandoned vehicles, citizen assists, directing traffic, recovered/lost property, investigating minor traffic accidents) and is an excellent career opportunity for individuals that may be interested in becoming a Deputy Sheriff in the future. The new program will mentor PSTs for future law enforcement academy positions that the HCSO will be sponsoring. Sponsorship includes paid tuition, books, uniforms, and other costs associated with academy attendance. The HCSO will also provide schedule adjustments to assist the employee in attending the academy during off-duty hours. As a PST, you will be gaining seniority within the agency, time in the Florida Retirement System, paid vacation and sick time, and many other benefits. As you are mentored during this time, you will gain valuable knowledge that will assist as you progress through the law enforcement academy. If you are interested in joining the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office visit http://www.hernandosheriff.org/applications/hrjobpostings/ and look for Public Service Technician. Then complete the two page preliminary application and return it to Human Resources at the HCSO no later than September 12, 2014. At the close of the posting, a member of our staff will contact all individuals regarding a PST Orientation. The orientation will provide details about the position, the agency, and the opportunity. Representatives will be on hand to answer any questions. At the conclusion of the orientation, interested individuals will be provided with a full application for employment (that can be taken home for completion). PST orientation dates will be held at the end of September (dates and times to be determined).

Hernando County Booking Info for August 25, 2014

For more information search here:

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DO NOT RELY on this information for legal purposes or to determine a person’s criminal record. This is simply the booking information for the Hernando County Detention Center. It does not reflect whether a person is innocent or guilty of the charges against them. Please contact the Clerk of the Circuit Court to obtain the final disposition of criminal charges.

Two Threatened With Assault Rifle at Brooksville Wal-Mart

MobleyThe Brooksville Police Department Patrol Division received reports of a man threatening people with an assault-style rifle in the parking lot of Wal-Mart. Bradley Mobley and his girlfriend were involved in an argument in the parking lot and a man and woman approached to see if she needed help. While the woman was talking to Mobley’s girlfriend, Mobley drove by and pointed a rifle at them. The woman fled inside the store and Mobley’s girlfriend walked toward the Sonic, with the man following to make sure nothing happened to her. Mobley confronted them man with the rifle and told him not to get involved. Mobley was charged with two counts of aggravated assault and held on a $10,000 bond.