Attempt at Hitting It Big End in Handcuffs

parkinsonA Speedway employee’s luck ran out when she was charged with two counts of grand theft May 14, 2015 after stealing 55 scratch-off lottery tickets from the convenience store. 29 year old Jasmyn Parkinson was caught on surveillance stealing 32 tickets during her night shift on May 2nd at the Speedway located at 100 Mariner Boulevard in Spring Hill. On May 13th she stole another 23 tickets. A store manager noticed the missing lottery tickets while doing a store audit and reviewed the store’s surveillance footage which showed Parkinson taking the tickets. Parkinson said she didn’t have enough money to pay her rent due to her hours at work being cut. She said that none of the tickets were winners, so she threw them away. The tickets were valued at $813.

Forgetful Detainee Charged With Bringing Contraband Into Jail

1Joseph D. Ambrose-Saunders was transported to the Hernando County jail for two active Citrus county warrants on May 11, 2015. Prior to being brought into the jail he was asked if he had anything illegal on his person to which he replied, “shit no, I ain’t stupid!” While standing in the booking area of the jail a syringe fell from the his pants to which he responded “Oh shit, I forgot those were there. Damn it, I used them to shoot meth with. There is probably more behind my belt.” A further search of his pants yielded two more syringes which tested positive for the presence of Methamphetamine. He was charged with possession of paraphernalia and bringing contraband into the jail. Whoops.

Spring Hill Woman Charged with Filing a False Report in Case of Missing Dog

Leali32 year old Jennifer Leali was charged with filing a false police report after a dog she was fostering wound up missing. On December 31, 2014, Leali reported to authorities that the foster dog she was caring for, named Zola, had gone missing a few weeks earlier while she was being loaded into her car for a veterinarian appointment. Leali said she went back inside to grab something she needed and when she returned the back door to her car was open and Zola was gone. Leali said she wasn’t sure if someone stole Zola, or if Zola had learned to manipulate the car door handle and opened it. During questioning about the incident, detectives noted Leali’s responses were inconsistent and she eventually admitted to investigators that she lied about Zola’s disappearance. Leali then told investigators the owner of Furever Friendz, Michele Skolny, was the one who lost Zola, and told her to lie so Furever Friendz would not receive bad publicity. Numerous attempts were made to administer a CVSA exam but Leali continually made excuses as to why she couldn’t take the exam. Investigators also noted they had difficultly contacting Leali by phone and could only reach her by blocking their caller ID identity or randomly stopping by her home. Skolny denied the allegations, took the CVSA exam, and did not show any signs of being untruthful when answering questions regarding Zola’s whereabouts. Skolny told detectives she hired a private investigator to look into the case and even started a Facebook page, which raised $2,000 to offer as a reward for information leading to Zola’s return. At this time, Zola’s whereabouts remain unknown and Leali is refusing to cooperate with investigators. She was arrested on April 29th and bond was set at $1,000.

Poor Parking Spot Leads to Drug Bust (Crack and Molly)

An alert deputy and a poor choice of location to party led to the arrest of 21 year old Jeremy Jones and 29 year old Audretti Jones over the weekend. The two were parked outside of the movie theater on Commercial Way, which was closed. As the deputy approached the vehicle he smelled marijuana through the open windows. He also observed an open bottle of Hennessy in the back seat and two styrofoam cups in the center console cup holders of the front seat. During a search of the vehicle, a Newport cigarette box containing 1.42 grams of crack cocaine and 1.89 grams of MDMA or Molly. Jeremy Jones admitted to possession of everything found inside the vehicle. Audretti Jones advised he had a small amount of marijuana in his pocket which was located. During a strip search at the Hernando County jail Audretti revealed that he had two baggies concealed in his groin area, containing crack cocaine and MDMA. He was charged with bringing contraband into the jail as well as possession.

Jeremy Jones

Jeremy Jones

Audretti Jones

Audretti Jones

Mother Charged After Cell Phone Cameras Record Child Abuse

1Pasco Sheriff’s Office deputies arrested a mother from Holiday five days after she was recorded with cellphone cameras instigating a fight between two teenagers, while armed with a knife. Tabitha Anne Bennett, 33, is charged with child abuse, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and simple battery. On April 12, 2015 about 6:40 p.m., Bennett drove her 13-year-old daughter to the area of Moog Road and Colonial Hills Drive so her daughter could fight with a 14-year-old girl. Bennett sent a Facebook message to the 14 year old telling her she would bring her daughter to that location to fight. Once there, Bennett exited her vehicle holding a folding knife in her hand and told those gathered she would not allow anyone to join the fight. During the fight the Bennett was seen yelling and encouraging her daughter to “get on top of her” (the 14 year old). At some point, Bennett kicked the 14-year-old female on her upper left side and pulled her to the ground by her hair, which allowed her daughter to get on top of the 14 year old and continue fighting. The fight was recorded by at least two cellphones and the footage was placed on social media. She was released Sunday after posting $10,500.